18 Random Images

  • Cover to Case Jones and Raphael #1
  • The white haired woman warrior and the man with swords as hands
  • Image from Return of the Jedi
  • F.A.K.K.2 fights the horned monster
  • Batman Judge Dredd Pinup
  • Redheaded female kisses the King
  • Judge Dredd points his gun at you
  • Lobo graps and old lady
  • Slaine carries an ax
  • Simon Bisley draws a dark haired female sorceress
  • Cover to Doom Patrol #33 by Simon Bisley
  • Slaine standing above a caldron with lightning in the background
  • Werewolf Painting by Simon Bisley
  • Simon Bisley paints Judge Dredd
  • Lobo is indestructible
  • Cover to Doom Patrol #35 by Simon Bisley
  • Doom Patrol #50 page 39 by Simon Bisley
  • Lobo fights

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